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Design-her Gals Promotion - 35% off stationery plus Gifts with Purchase!

Enter Promo Code: ThanksGifting

Nov. 27 until Nov. 30th receive 35% Off stationery items plus up to 3 free gifts.

Buy 1 item, receive our lovely stylus pen.

Buy 2 items, receive a sheet of stickers in addition to the stylus pen.

Buy 3 items, receive both the pen and stickers as well as a five piece limited edition Anniversary Thank You Cards.


December 1 - 3  Receive 35% off stationery items.   

Exclusions during both promotions: does not include our single mailing cards, Downloadable Gal, Print From Home  membership, Gift Certificates, Custom fees and can't be applied to previous orders. Only 3 free gifts per order.





Zazzle Promotions 

Use code: ZMONDAYSALES - Receive Up to 65% Off + 20% Off All Orders Nov. 30.

Check out other codes right on Zazzle


Here is how to create your Gal and add her to any of the amazing products in Zazzle -- which are the non-paper items like ipad covers, mugs, computer sleeves, t-shirts, and so much more!


1. Click GET STARTED to begin creating your Gal. When you are sure he/she looks just right, click SAVE from the left-side menu. 


Make sure the bubble is filled in underneath the Gal you want to use and then just click the NON PAPER button on the right side. 

3. You will see a countdown take place, then you need to click the CONTINUE button. 

4. Here you will be linked with our Zazzle store and see your Gal on hundreds of products.

Click on the product you want to purchase and your Gal will appear on the product. 

Note: There are some pre-designed text fields on most of the products. You can change, modify, delete, and add new text where you need it. 




Need to access DHG on your mobile devices? CHECK OUT PUFFIN

°  Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast Mobile Flash Browser and Design-her Gals' best friend!

°  Download the Puffin app to operate Design-her Gals on all your mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

°  You'll be able to design and access the Gals' “Dressing Room” on the go!

°  Choose from Puffin Free or upgrade to the Premier version for 24/7 access to Adobe Flash programming.

°  Designing on your computer is a no brainer, but it's nice to have options!

°  It is important to note that Design-her Gals does not receive any commission from Puffin, nor can we guarantee that it will work for everyone.

°  Our team has found it to work well and we hope it helps you enjoy the use of our site and other Flash programming.

°  Happy designing and shopping!