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For tablets or moble devises:

Coming Soon......for tablets and moble devises.

We are in the process of updating the webiste to be fully compatible with all devises.

However, you can purchase from a tablet or moble devise, but to design your images and stationery, you will need to use a computer.   


How to design your Gal.

You need to download/allow Flash in order to create your Gal.  This must be done on a PC.

 1. Click on GET STARTED and this will take you to the dressing room.

 2. Choose your Gal Type.
 3. Now create your Gal by choosing her eye shape and color, skin tone, hair style and color. Next pick the clothes. You can select outfits or you can pick the top and bottom and don't forget her shoes, eyelasshes and our new smile!                                          
 4. The Fun Stuff is where you will find all of the accessories to hold or wear. 
 5. When you are finished click SAVE. Remember you can change her as much as you like so have fun.

Now that your Gal is saved, here is how to design a layout.

2. Click the circle under the Gal you want to use.
3. Click Shop Paper on the right side.
4. Now you will be in our Shop. On the left are all of the categories. Click on a category and see all the layout options. Once you find the layout you would like to use, simply click on it and your Gal will appear.
5. On the right you will see 3 options. Select Saved Gal (this will take you back to your previously saved Gals), Create New Gal (this will allow you to begin the creating process over again) or Use Same Gal (this will place the Gal you have been working with on the layout.)
6.  Enter the text as you would like it to read (choose the font, color ink, normal or bold.)
7. Click SAVE and give your new print job a title. Now you are in MY PRINT JOBS and you are ready to order.

How to order:

Go to MY PRINT JOBS and click on ORDER next to the print job you want to order. Add this to your cart, select the quantity and continue the check out process.

Important tip: Our Gals will print out 2 3/4 inches tall. Also, all of our font options are wonderful, but we recommend use BOLD and LARGE font for the text field.

Ready to start?  click here.