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Summer Spritz
June 27, 2019

Sizzling Summers Are Made of This


When the heat has you hanging out longer than necessary in front of an open fridge, keep your cool with this simple but sizzling summer cocktail recipe. Make new friends and do current friends a favor by sharing the recipe on one of DHG's Business Cards with your own custom avatar on it. Sharing is caring.


Summer Sizzle Spritz

1 Part Cranberry

1 Part St. Germain

1 Part Gin

1 Part Seltzer

Stir or shake all ingredients with ice and pour into clear glasses. Garnish with edible flowers or your favorite berries. 



Galentine's Day Galentine
January 27, 2019

 Heart-Shaped Galentine How-To


Think you and your Galfriends are too old to pass out Valentines--think again! Nobody can pass up a sweet note like these heart-shaped origami Galentines, especially if they're filled with candy and are topped with your custom created avatar on stickers from Design-her Gals for a personalized token of your affection. These to-die-for hearts are the perfect touch for any Galentines Day dinner, to hand out at the office, and accompaniments to invidually wrapped treats like cookies. Follow the easy instructions to create your very own happening paper hearts HERE and then get designing on Design-her Gals' site to order your personalized Round Accent Stickers to decorate your unique Galentine's like nobody's business.

Here at Design-her Gals HQ, we are all about going that extra mile to show your love. Take flowers, candy, and homemade goodies to next level #amazing with cards, stickers, and Notepads from the only site that lets you design an avatar that looks like you and print her on everything from paper products to gifts in our DHG Zazzle Store

Happy Galentine's Day indeed.



Dawn's Pearls of Wisdom
August 22, 2018

Advice to Thrive By, from Our Head Gal, Dawn


Message from Dawn: 

Take it from this Mermaid ~ Allowing this beautiful mosaic we call life to take you where it must will open your heart and mind. Embrace the energy around you to enlighten your soul and see how the patterns in your life have created just what you need- and vibe with it! No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety/worry can change the future. Accepting this truth quiets the mind. XO Dawn


1. Build a Community You Vibe with and Have SoulFUN.  Your Tribe is Your Vibe.

All my life I have been surrounded by a community of light workers, sisters, goddesses- they remind me that we are all on the same wonderfully imperfect journey. This core community of friendships is the fabric of my life.

2. Grace

Practice grace, not only for others, but for self. I had spent my life focused on loving, giving to and making life beautiful for others. Now, I practice that on myself, learn to observe, appreciate all of me, and define the pieces of shattered glass that my life had become, not as broken pieces, but re-assemble them into a beautiful mosaic.

3. Acceptance

I learned to let go of my pride and accept what is. I accept the beauty of my past and who it has brought me to be in the present. I am proud. I am grateful. I cherish the memories and know they are the pieces that reflect who I am today. I let go of ego, and I accept and embrace my life as it is today and what I will create for my future.

4. Embrace Enlightenment

Have you been faced with a hard truth, one that dug so deep it revealed old wounds, awoke memories long forgotten? I had to be intentional in my evolution. This meant rising higher. It meant forgiveness. It meant practicing love. It meant that I had to embrace the more enlightened thought… in that every experience was a teacher. This is where I shifted. I asked, What would my enlightened self do? Then and only then did I get my answer. My path was clear. My heart was still heavy but my spirit was freed. I put the hurt behind me and I embrace my truth. I took each step forward with love and found happiness in being light again.

5. You are what you fill your head with

“We are all STARS wrapped in skin, the light you seek has always been with-in.” I had to learn to fill my head with things that filled my soul. I “collected” beautiful words and healing gems. They were my lifeline.

6. Create a beautiful life toolbox

Sometimes, we would rather run from our problems than to them. I needed to deal with the things that life was serving me. I began to spend more time with my therapist to help me heal. I began to pray and meditate more to help me feel lighter and to be filled with the light that was me. I bought fun jewelry, talisman and amulet’s to ignite my energy, lift me up and be my guides. I bought angel cards, I banded up with other warrior women. I visualized, meditated, did light and energy work. I immersed myself in love for myself. I learned how to put myself first. And, soon I began to believe that I deserved love and light in my life again. I became a Mermaid and embraced the treasures in my tool box of life!



Rebel Rising
July 13, 2018



Adjective (of ink of a pen) making marks that cannot be removed.

Synonym: ineradicable, permanent, lasting, ingrained, persisting, enduring, unfading,

unforgettable, haunting, never to be forgotten “indelible memories” “indelible impression”


So begins Dawn, our head Gal's, chapter in this book of strong women whose voices need to be heard. Help them follow their dreams in helping others through their stories. Rebel Rising is the 4th book in the #sisterhoodfolios series, a series whose titles to date have ALL reached #1 International Bestseller status. Stay tuned as we interview our Head Gal and reveal where she finds the strength within herself to keep fighting and keep loving. Get your own copy here!



Homemade Milk & Honey Soaps
March 7, 2018

Homemade Milk & Honey Soaps




1 lb Milk Soap Base like this one

Silicon Molds in the shapes that you desire

Organic Raw Honey

A Glass Microwavable Measuring Cup for pouring

Liquid Soap Colors in the colors that you desire

Design-her Gals Personalized Round Accent Stickers




Portion out 1 lb of soap base and cut into cubes. Put cubes in glass measuring cup and melt in microwave in 15-25 second increments, making sure to stir between microwaving. For one pound of soap base this usually means three 25 second intervals of microwaving total. Once the soap is completely melted and smooth, stir in about 3 ½ tablespoons of honey and a few drops of whatever soap colorant you choose. We made two one pound batches separately and mixed a few drops of red to one and yellow to the second batch to make these two different colored soaps. Make sure you add the color in gradually and mix after each drop to ensure the color is exactly as you want it. Pour the soap mixture into your silicone molds and let sit for at least an hour until completely cool before removing. Package your soaps prettily in either clear wrapping plastic or colored or patterned paper and top off with a Design-her Gals signature Round Accent Sticker for the perfect personalized gift for any occasion, a celebration of spring made by you!



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