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#smallbusinessweek Social Media Contest Winner
May 14, 2018

#smallbusinessweek WINNER -- Carolyn Dupre Mills Herr


We asked that our Galfriends post on Facebook or Instagram how they use DHG to promote themselves and got an overwhelming response on social media as well as by email! The winner of this round is Carolyn Dupre Mills Herr, a longtime Galfriend of eight years on Facebook and customer of Design-her Gals. Carolyn is a fiber artist and animal lover--check out her cute dog on the DHG stationery!--who has sold her creations at the OSUOKC Farmers Market for thirteen years and uses 100% of proceeds to purchase provisions to supply the local homeless population in Oklahoma. She has used DHG products in all her correspondence and is now a great-grandmother with four children and eleven grandkids as well as one great grandkid! Carolyn, thank you for your support all these years. We are honored to call you a Galfriend and are sending you a free Downloadable-Gal to help in all your future charitable work and correspondence. Congrats!

Homemade Milk & Honey Soaps
March 7, 2018

Homemade Milk & Honey Soaps




1 lb Milk Soap Base like this one

Silicon Molds in the shapes that you desire

Organic Raw Honey

A Glass Microwavable Measuring Cup for pouring

Liquid Soap Colors in the colors that you desire

Design-her Gals Personalized Round Accent Stickers




Portion out 1 lb of soap base and cut into cubes. Put cubes in glass measuring cup and melt in microwave in 15-25 second increments, making sure to stir between microwaving. For one pound of soap base this usually means three 25 second intervals of microwaving total. Once the soap is completely melted and smooth, stir in about 3 ½ tablespoons of honey and a few drops of whatever soap colorant you choose. We made two one pound batches separately and mixed a few drops of red to one and yellow to the second batch to make these two different colored soaps. Make sure you add the color in gradually and mix after each drop to ensure the color is exactly as you want it. Pour the soap mixture into your silicone molds and let sit for at least an hour until completely cool before removing. Package your soaps prettily in either clear wrapping plastic or colored or patterned paper and top off with a Design-her Gals signature Round Accent Sticker for the perfect personalized gift for any occasion, a celebration of spring made by you!



Custom Orders at DHG are your perfect solutions to holiday gifting for the nitpicky.
December 1, 2017


Holiday Headache?

Everybody's got that somebody on their "Nice" list for the holidays this year who's got it all. They tell you not to waste any money on presents for them because, quite honestly, they're usually underwhelmed. These are the folks that have always been there, done that. You know who we're talking about! (*Cough* Mother-in-Laws) That's where Design-her Gals can help tug those heartstrings you just can't reach. Bespoke gifting like a custom order with Design-her Gals hints at the inordinate amount of time, blood, and sweat that was put into a work of heart you can't just buy anywhere--but it only looks that way! Starting a custom order with DHG is actually easier than stuffing a turkey. 

You simply create an account if you haven't already and, in our Dressing Room, design the Gals you want to use in the custom order and save them. Then you head over to the Shop and select Custom Designs. Under Custom Design Fees, click on the hyperlinked text to contact us about your idea. Once we've settled on a quote for your dream stationery job, we'll instruct you to head back to the Shop and select Custom Designs once more where you'll enter the determined amount the job will cost in $5 increments on the Custom Design Fee page. Once the payment clears, the design process begins and voilá! Instant Holiday hero!

Dawn's custom accent sticker.

Fall of Reinvention
October 12, 2017

Side-swept or touseled for that just-from-the-beach look, there's a hairstyle that just works for every Gal--but even the tried and true can do with a change now and then! From Maisy Williams to Kendall Jenner, the half bun is a hot hairstyle every it-girl is trying out this season. Rounding out the repertoire is the classic wispy ponytail seen on everyone from Anne Hathaway to Reese Witherspoon, and the Portia up-do needs no introduction. Three great ways to reinvent yourself through your Gal this fall that doesn't require a trip to the barber!

After giving yourself a hair makeover, it's time to address that outfit from 2016. Fall calls for a transformation and it reflects in the fashion. This year, pair mismatched patterns with monochromatic colors to tame the chaos--this season's lineup is about fun! Proportions become playful with culottes and oversized shoulder baring sweaters walking down the runway. As with any sea of change, there is always a ripple of tradition: the overcoat, ever a fashion staple, gets a heritage spin with patterns and unexpected 80's tailoring. Although the color of the season is red, don't forget to top everything off with a pink ribbon to show your support for breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October. 

Musings, tips, and insights from the fabulously fun world of the Gals and the people who keep her closet looking fresh
August 16, 2017

No sooner had we bit into the juicy colors of Spring 2017, than we get served the sumptuous hues of Fall 2017. Best paired with a dash of chocolate, these colors harken back to the velvet vibe of the 70’s with a hint of the strength and masculinity of the 80’s. Down the best runways, models were sent walking in moody florals, jewel tone velvets, androgynous suits, and embroidered pieces that put the fun back in funky. That’s just the tip of the fashion iceberg, however; this season’s colors look best with the five trends that we’re huge fans of here at DHG HQ:

The Power Suit: Strong shoulders and masculine lines are so on point! Pair that Gal-power with one of our business cards for the best impression in any business.

Wide Leg Pants: Fashion continues its affair with the flare. Pair them with that crisp button up for a classic look that’s the fashion equivalent of apple pie.

The Little Jewel Toned Dress: Black is taking a back seat in a hearse with all the great color options available for that most important of closet staples. Bowie tested, Prince approved.

Vintage Plaids: From Stella McCartney to Prada, this fall the streets will be awash in fun plaids that pay homage to Mary Tyler Moore. Pick out your fave from the DHG closet to easily update your Gal’s look.

Fur: Fake is the way to go when you wrap yourself in the fun furs of the season, and our Gals’ closet has no shortage of options to stay warm this season.