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Dawn Espinoza, CEO and Head Gal

My days start with getting my kids up, lunches made – often with a note hiding inside and then it’s a ride up to catch the bus. If I’ve not made my cup of joe yet, I’m in brew mode to get my day going. I love my coffee and my mug from our DHG Zazzle store! I have the luxury of working at home and staying waaay too long in my PJ’s. I’m involved with every aspect of our online business and am often looking at new ways to connect with our community of GalFriends. Finding unique ways to communicate with one another, businesses, but most importantly with friends and family, is what we’re all about. Must be why I love what I do so much and why I’m obsessed with designing and creating. Where else can you make yourself or someone else and use what you’ve made to express yourself on paper and hundreds of unique gift items?

Esther Luc, Lead Designer Gal

I’m a foodie with a sweet tooth, so a bar of good chocolate is never far from reach while I’m working! I’m proud to be one of the original Gals behind Design-her Gals and have had the pleasure of dreaming up and designing almost all that you see on the site. I continue to add new items to the Dressing Room each year on top of writing our newsletters, managing social media content, as well as designing custom and PR jobs for celebrities and customers alike. Being a part of the GalFriends community and being able to see how it continues to enhance lives brings me endless gratification.

Erica Zetterlund, Help Me Gal

I’ve been in customer service for over 20 years and with DHG since it began in 2005. I love being that person to help our customers design and create the perfect Gal. Thus, the reason I am called the Help Me Gal! As with my Gal’s image, my day must begin with a cup of coffee--or two or three! Have no fear. The minute I have my coffee, I am here to help you! Just send me an email any time of the day, you just might be surprised how fast I get back to you.

Tyler Miller, Designer Tech Guy

I’ve been working in IT and engineering since 2000 and joined DHG in 2013 to help revamp the site and support it as it grows. You can normally find me deep in lines of code, hands greasy while doing repairs on boats and cars, or out enjoying the water on my boat. I enjoy seeing my contribution being used every day by so many users. If you have any suggestions for things that would help make your experience better, just shoot us a note on our Contact Us page!

Liz Petley, Designer Gal

I'm a design-er gal who believes the earth without art is "eh." (-unknown). With a degree in graphic design and a long time love for illustration, I've contributed many custom designs and accessories for our Gals. I've been a part of Design-her Gals since 2006 and besides illustration as my number one life-long hobby, I also enjoy time with my family of five kids and a husband, playing keys in the church band, and reaching out to the community.