Empower October 25% Off SALE

Every purchase during this sale supports the Tigerlily Foundation

Design-her Gals is all about transforming yourself and so is Tigerlily--it's a match made in girl-power heaven! Join Maimah Karmo, founder and CEO of Tigerlily Foundation, and Dawn Espinoza, our head Gal, in a sale that is all about reinvention with 25% Off all stationery and Downloadable Gals. A portion of every purchase will be going toward Tigerlily "to educate, advocate for, empower, and support young women, before, during and after breast cancer."

In celebration, the butterflies you see above in the background are also now available as an On One Hand item in the Fun Stuff of the DHG Dressing Room.

Awareness is caring,

~Dawn & The DHG Team

Use Promo Code: EMPOWER
Sale runs October 12th - 18th

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Hair Apparent

Sometimes remaking your image is as easy as changing your hairstyle. Three new looks added to the hair section of our Dressing Room: the half bun, wispy ponytail, and the Portia up-do.


All That Glitters

With arm candy, more is more. Five bangles and mixed bangles are now available to help add the finishing touches to your new look. Check them out in the Bling Things section of the Fun Stuff in our Dressing Room.