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A letter from our founder Jeanne and our new owner Dawn


 Sometime, there is a true purpose to the order life delivers your gifts. Mine came to me in the following order:



               Design-Her Gal, Driven, Determined, Daring                               Directed, Decisive, Delightful  

               Adorable, Attentive, Able, Accomplished  
                       Accurate, Artistic, Animated


                             Warm, Wise, Witty, Watchful,
                       Welcoming, Worldly, Wonderful

Nurturing, Noble, Nifty, Nice
                       Notable, Neat-o, Nostalgic



When I last wrote you it was to say goodbye, but thanks to all the amazing notes I received regarding the importance Design-her Gals has played in your lives --- I began to reconsider my decision.  I knew it was time for me move on to MY next chapter, and I realized it was necessary for DHG to move on as well - to inspire and empower those who choose to take the time to really use our brand to help "be" what you "see."


Dawn Espinoza convinced me she was the Gal to do this for the company and I am so happy for all of you.  Together, I know you will build the next generation of Design-her Gals.  I hope you will follow Dawn's footsteps as she innovates and reinvents ... taking DHG from the "paper dolls of the 21st century" to the leader of the way we will "connect and communicate" with one another in the 22nd century. Join me in supporting Dawn with this journey.


You asked that we not close the site and save this unique brand and I listened.  Now it is your turn to help support Dawn and Team DHG to achieve its next level of success.


I promise you will hear more from me too - Once a Gal always a Gal and your support is something that I will never take for granted!!


Best wishes Dawn --- it is your turn to shine!

Faithfully Yours,



    *          *          *          *          *          *          *            *          *           *           * 

*          *          *          *          *          *          *            *          *           *         *     

      *          *          *          *          *          *          *            *          *           *          *        

Thank you Jeanne for making me feel so welcome, but of course I always did! 


Please join me in ~Celebrating~ my new Passion! Actually it's been a passion of mine for a long time and I hope it soon will become as addictive for you as it has been for me! If you are a returning Gal, we are so excited you are back to experience all the "fun stuff" you have come to know and love!


I recently purchased Design-her Gals because I believe in the passion and purpose our Founding Gal Jeannie brought to this company! Please join us on our journey of "Reinvention!" I welcome all of your thoughts and ideas as we grow to new heights in innovation and choice.


You will have a chance to share your ideas with us! Watch for our survey and I hope you will take the time to reply so that together we shape the future of Design-her Gals. 


We will continue the same level of community support, product and service you have come to expect from us. The outpouring from our Design-her Gal's community was compelling! I could not do this without you so it is with heartfelt appreciation that I thank you! Keep shopping and creating! 


Let's keep in touch~


Dawn Espinoza


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